Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One – Full Album


Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One – Full Album (Digital Download)



EVERY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A GOOD ONE: Full Album (Digital Download)

1. Every Day Above Ground Is a Good One

2. Viola Lee Blues

3. Evening Sun Blues

4. Make Your Own Music

5. Hi’a Cynth

6. Barsong

7. Banty Rooster

8. Early Morning Blues

9. One More Bar



“Ray Chesna is a friend of mine, and I’ll be the first to admit why. It was the guitar playing that did it, I guess. When someone comes along who splendidly picks just about every guitar style, what can you do, ignore him?

I didn’t, and neither have a lot of others, folks who feel the blues, get high and lonesome to bluegrass or tap their feet when the guitar player swings. Ray has played and taught many kinds of music in his career, as a good musician will. He’s spent as much time playing burn-down-the-barn, flat-topped bluegrass as fingerpicking his way through the maze of a country blues. Ray has also squawked his way through many a smoky rockabilly set armed only with his battered Fender Telecaster and years ago he even did time in a Ukranian dance band.

The product of years of listening, and of calloused practice is here in your hands. In Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One, Ray Chesna draws from the vast American musical palette to offer a rich and personal body of music. Just don’t expect any Ukrainian tunes this time out!”

-David Chamberlain



Sherwood Mobley: Drums   1. 4. 6. 9.

Bob Shaw: Archtop, flattop guitars   1. 5. 9.

Neil Starkey: Bass   1. 4. 5. 9.

Top Wolf: Harmonica   2. 4.

Rise’ Payne: Fiddle & backing vocal   6.

Paul Carpenter: Bass   2. 6. 7.,  Backing vocal   6.

Jim Tolles: Fiddle   2.

Pete Cameron: Fiddle   9.




  • John Monteleone Eclipse Archtop (1983)
  • Mark Campellone Delux Archtop
  • Martin Custom M-28 (1980)
  • National Duolian (ca. 1929)



Every Day Above Ground was recorded, mixed and mastered at A Sound Collection (ASC) in Decatur, Georgia. ASC opened in 1990 and strives to capture the finest in local, original, and traditional music.

David Chamberlain is producer and host of Atlanta’s “Sagebrush Boogie,” a program of Western Swing on WRFG-FM 89.3 (Atlanta), and is a rabid guitar fan, too!


Cover art by Tim Lee

Recorded digitally – DDD

Special thanks to Tim and Karen Lee, David Truran at ASC, David Chamberlain, and to all of the musicians who are among the best in Atlanta.

Dedicated to Louise, my mother; John & Pauline; and Dot and Roger -Hi Hillary!


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