The Perfect Blend – Full Album (Digital Download)


The Perfect Blend: Full Album Digital Download



The Perfect Blend: Full Album Digital Download

1. Tore Up

2. I Want to Be with Somebody

3. Computer Blues (Modern Muddy)

4. The Perfect Blend

5. Chasin’ My Blues

6. I’m Callin’ in Rich (The Lottery Song)

7. When Benny Played Memories of You

8. All I Did Was Love Her

9. Blues for Dixie

10. (I Don’t Think That’s) What Heaven Had in Mind

11. Twelve Bar Blues Song



Here it is the second CD. This one has something for everyone. It’s for songs about love lost, love found, looking for love, sex, betrayal, greed, home, tolerance, and even a song about a song. (Did I leave anything out?) And they all swing.

I want to thank the musicians and songwriter son this recording, all my friends, for their contributions to this project. They all have done such a wonderful job. It was big fun. I’ll miss picking’ with my friends from Georgia and I look forward to some great music with my buds up here in the northeast.

The basic tracks were recorded at Dede Vogt’s great analog (no tools) studio in Pinke Lake, GA. Then it was transferred to digital by Jeff Balos at BAW in Atlanta, GA, where we also recorded some of the final vocals, Mark Johnson’s slide guitar, and Tom Wolf’s unique additions. My additional guitar and vocal parts and John Sebastian’s guitar parts were recorded at Scott Petito’s studio in Catskill, NY, where we also mixed and mastered the recording. Thanks, Dede, Jeff and Scott – you all did a top-flight job!

For the guitar freaks: Ray used a Monteleone Eclipse, a Campellone deluxe, a ’57 Gibson Les Paul special, a ’29 National doulian and a Martin custom oooo-28. Mark used his Fender ’56 Stratocaster. Bob used his Heritage Golden Eagle. John used his custom-made Heritage archtop, a ’60’s Guild Thunderbird (like Zal’s) and a Gibson AJ acoustic.

All in all, the songs, the musicians, and the guitars, this is the perfect blend.


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