Music Theory Fundamentals for all Guitar Players – Book


Physical book (not a digital download)

$35 each plus $4.95 shipping



Physical book (not a digital download)

$35 each plus $4.95 shipping


Music Theory Fundamentals for all Guitar Players – Book

“Theory” means concepts. Not “rules”.

There are a lot of guitarists who want to learn theory.
But because they don’t read music they feel it’s out of reach.
To me, learning music theory and learning to read music are two different pursuits.


There are dozens of great method books to help you with your reading.
This book will help you with your understanding of theory.


This throw book does not use any standard notation.
There are no notes, no lines and spaces.


By taking it in slowly, one concept at a time,
the material in this book will make you a better musician.


In my experience as a private music/guitar teacher
I find that the reason for taking lessons are diverse.
Some students have become bored with their own playing.
Others have “hit a wall” and run out of ideas.
The thing they all have in common is the need to understand
how things work on the guitar and in music
and how to put it all together in a coherent way.


This is a method for the guitarist who is curious,
who wants to better understand what’s going on inside of the music he loves to play.
This is the method I wish I had when I was fourteen
with a new (new to me) Kay guitar and a passion to learn it’s secrets.


I’ve put this book together with all guitar players in mind.
Weather you write your own songs.
Weather you play with a pick or finger style/
Weather you play blues, country, rock, jazz, country-blues, country-rock, country jazz…
or simply your own style the information in these pages is for you.
Developed over many years of both teaching and playing,
it is my method of putting all of the pieces together
so they make sense.


There’s a world of great guitar music out there to explore.
Knowing theory will help you to appreciate todays great players and the titans from the past
Knowing theory will also help you to become one of the giants of the future.
If the book helps you get there in any way I’m happy.

-Ray T. Chesna



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